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After reading the Bible one day I came across a Bible Verse that struck me in a particular way. That verse was Acts 17:11 and like many of you, I begin to ponder more and more of the meaning and with further research found out some interesting things. First of all, I thought it was very good how the inhabitants of the area welcomed the word of Paul and Silas as recorded in the Book of Acts Chapter 17. The Bereans, or the people that lived in Berea, the beautiful area of Southwestern Macedonia in ancient times, reminded me of the type of people I want as friends. People that were open minded and welcomed the daily study of scripture with a ready mind.

According to The Macedonian Patriotic Organization: Macedonia is mentioned at least 23 times in seven books of the Holy Bible. In today's geography the Macedonian region is located in the south-central Balkans, and is made up of northern Greece, southwestern Bulgaria, and the independent Republic of North Macedonia.

What Does Church actually mean? One Answer: A body or organization of religious believers. Example: Borean Bible Church

In looking for modern day people that might have a similar interpretation or understanding of the Book of Acts. I found several groups and associations that seem to share the way of Berean Bible Study. Below are references to the ones I found.

Berean Bible
BerBible (Windows Version) can be downloaded free at BerBible Free Download.

According to the developer Lynn Alan, this version was intentionally simplified to have a trivial learning curve for people who aren't necessarily techies, and to have very good performance on older computers that are typically donated to the third world. BerBible is particularly appropriate as the first Bible software package that a person uses. It should be adequate for most people.

Another great resource is: The Organization for the Promotion of Bible Study

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